Swiss Historic Hotels

Switzerland is rich in historic hotels, guest houses, and restaurants. Until recently, many of these valuable treasures of Swiss culture and history slumbered in secrecy. “Historical” was seen as dusty, old-fashioned, and unfashionable. For the past few years, more and more guests and hosts have been discovering the charisma, attraction, and wealth of experience offered by these witnesses to history. Once the buildings and rooms are freed from dust and operated according to contemporary principles of hospitality and service quality, these "guest houses" are irresistible.
Motto: No dust, but patina.

And so the idea of bringing authentically historic hotels and restaurants together under the brand "Swiss Historic Hotels" was conceived in 2004. These "landmarks" embody the fascinating history of their respective regions; they open up superb natural and cultural experiences, while the kitchens and wine cellars offer sensory delights. All five senses are catered for. The plan is for there to be a full network of "posting houses" in Switzerland, which will take you on unforgettable journeys in time, within a few years.

Swiss Historic Hotels

Swiss Historic Hotels

Garden Hotels Switzerland

Gardens are increasingly being rediscovered as a retreat from everyday life. The garden hotels of Switzerland offer the best opportunity to leave your hectic fast-paced life behind and find and take time for yourself.

The combination of arriving, clearing you mind, and relaxing together with personal, sincere hospitality and the culinary experience in our hotels will help you find your personal strength.

Garten Hotels Schweiz

Quality Lodgings Hotels & Restaurants - Charming by nature

QL Hotels & Restaurants is an enticing selection of more than 130 highly individual hotels devoted to excellent cuisine and blissful bedroom comfort. Above all, each of these handpicked hideaways offers outstanding hospitality. If there’s no restaurant in the hotel, you will always find excellent dining nearby.

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