Village Carona

Situated at 602m above sea level, built by artists and uniquely situated between Monte San Salvatore and Monte Arbostora (822m) stands a 1000 year old village. The town hosts approximately 600 inhabitants which doubles during the summer months. Endless possibilities present themselves to enrich your vacation to your heart’s content.




Churches in Carona

Carona possesses the rich diversity of five beautiful religious buildings. These visual treasures are described in the specific guide which can be a found everywhere in Carona.

San Giorgio, Madonna d'Ongero, Santa Marta, Santa Maria di Torello, Capella della Madonna delle Grazie (Ciona)




Botanischer Garten "San Grato"

This park with its 62.000 sq. meters has the largest and most varied collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers of the entire Insubric Region. There is also a breathtaking view from the park overlooking the immediate surroundings all the way to the peaks of the Alpine chain.




Public swimming pool Carona

Historical swimming pool surrounded by greenery, this place is ideal to escape from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in total relaxation.
1 Olympic pool (50 x 25m plunge from 10m)
2 children's pools
1 mini golf course
1 playground
1 beach volleyball court




Natur & Sport

For the nature lover and sports enthusiast
- Hiking trails in a beautiful chesnut forest
- Substantial jogging paths for the fitness fanatic
- A large public swimming pool
- Two brand new tennis courts with a gorgeous view
- A modern soccer field
…and a great mountain bike trail to ride and enjoy




Splash & Spa Tamaro Rivera

Splash e Spa Tamaro, an innovative new tourist attraction, unique of its kind, is the first waterpark covering more than 10,000m2 dedicated to leisure and well-being, offering aquatic leisure activities together with Spa and Wellness treatments - all inside a single complex. Splash e Spa Tamaro boasts more than 7,000m2 of Splash and 3,000 m2 of Spa incorporated under three separate Domes. Leisure and well-being will be centre-stage in each of them.




Hermann Hesse Museum

The Hermann Hesse Museum was established in the rooms of the Torre Camuzzi, in Montagnola, Switzerland in 1997. This ancient tower is part of the picturesque
Casa Camuzzi where Hermann Hesse lived between 1919 and 1931.From his apartment, he had a marvellous view overlooking the lake of Lugano.
A permanent exhibition brings back to life Hesse's 40 years in Montagnola. The many personal belongings, photos, books and watercolour paintings show not only the writer, but also Hesse as a private person.




Pro Carona

Pro Carona is Carona's tourist office. The office is run by volunteers and funded by contributions from sponsors. It organises various events and functions.

Pro Carona would like to thank all its sponsors. The office would welcome any additional financial support in order to continue to organise activities in the future and take on new projects.

Thank you for your support,

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